Operational Improvement

Cascadia helps organizations both large and small, private and public, improve the performance of their core operations. Whether the goal is continuous operational improvement or a bold operational transformation, Cascadia has an approach for you. Below is a summary of our starting approach:



Observe & Analyze

Observe & Analyze – we start with an in-depth diagnostic of the current state operations looking at processes, systems and people. Services include:

  • Diagnostic of current state

  • Data Analysis / performance analysis

  • Process mapping and observations

  • Interviews and facilitated workshops

  • Benchmarking and market studies

Identify & Redesign 

Identify & Redesign – from the Observe & Analyze phase, we can identify improvement opportunities, and envisage how the operations could function better in a future state. Services include:

  • Multi-stakeholder engagement and facilitation

  • Identification of improvement opportunities




Prioritize – Not all improvement opportunities will or should be implemented. Its important to go through a prioritization exercise considering factors such as cost, benefit, risk, ease of implementation and alignment with strategic objectives. Services include:

  • Prioritization and strategic alignment

  • Organizational redesign

  • Development of a future state operating model

  • Business case development


Implement – Cascadia recognizes that all the analysis and planning work is wasted unless a robust plan can be executed to see the changes implemented. This is where Cascadia differentiates itself from other firms, our focus on seeing the implementation through to value capture. Services include:

  • Transition planning

  • Change Management

  • Project Management of the implementation

  • Performance and benefits measurement