Economics & Policy

Both mobilizing capital and advocating for public policy change requires deep economic analysis that is wrapped up in a compelling yet simple way for executive decision makers. Cascadia’s economics and policy team has deep experience doing exactly this. Previous mandates have led to Metro Vancouver’s 10-year transit plan, investments in port infrastructure and policy changes including regional tax, housing, alcohol, and aquaculture.

To support our clients in economic planning and policy analysis, Cascadia provides capital project planning, economic and financial modelling, economic impact assessments, and public policy options analysis.

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Capital Project planning

In addition to responding to calls for increased performance, efficiency and customer-service, governments, institutions, and corporations are tasked with meeting social and environmental challenges while operating within tight financial constraints. This requires an in-depth understanding of the financial tools, partnerships, and asset management strategies that can be used to fund new capital projects and maintain existing infrastructure. Cascadia helps clients with project costing, evaluating existing asset portfolios, and developing investment or land-value capture strategies to meet a broad set of private and public policy objectives.

Financial and Economic Modeling 

Building financial and economic models that incorporate the sensitivity and understanding that the world does not work like a spreadsheet, provides more robust outputs that guide key decision making. Our approach recognizes that modeling begins with executive level questions and the exercise needs to be scoped to answer these questions instead of the other way around. Cascadia has deep expertise in building financial and economic models for large capital programs and ambitious projects.

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Economic Impact assessment

Both public and private sector organizations aim to better understand the economic impacts of their industries, their investment options, and their capital programs. With a detailed understanding of all three, industries and capital programs gain better endorsement from key stakeholders. Cascadia has developed a first-principals methodology to efficiently determine the jobs, tax revenue, business revenue, and broader economic impacts of capital programs, what-if scenarios, and entire industries.

Public policy analysis

Whether you are a public policy maker looking to better understand the economic, environmental, and other impacts of a range of options available or you, or you are an organization or industry association aiming to influence public policy, Cascadia can help. Our approach has been curated based on our backgrounds in mathematics and economics, rather than communications and government relations. We perform deep research, analysis, and hypothesis building to uncover both the immediate and longer-range impacts of policy changes. This deep economic research is often missing from most analysis, requiring decision making in a vacuum or less fruitful government relations exercises.

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