Business Transformation & Technology

Cascadia helps clients select the right tools and implement them successfully. We leverage our experience across every element of the business transformation: business case development, change management, vendor selection, project implementation, and benefits realization. We help steer these initiatives to avoid common pitfalls of technology projects. From start-ups to billion-dollar businesses, private sector to government services, Cascadia has managed the selection and implementation of ERPs, Work Management Systems, HR Systems, Safety Management Systems, Mobile Applications, In-Vehicle Technology, and integrations across platforms.


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Technology providers do a great job of highlighting the features and innovations of their solution, but recognizing the total costs of both implementing and operating new technology is easier said then done. Executives and project sponsors are being asked to provide the total cost needed to realize the benefits, not just estimating the bill for the technology vendor.  

By implementing a range of custom systems, off-the-shelf software, mobile applications, field-ready hardware and customer facing portals, Cascadia has developed a business case methodology and templates which ensure you can identify all the benefits of your projects — and budget for the associated one-time and ongoing costs. A thorough business case will give all stakeholders the confidence to approve the project, and give the project delivery team the confidence that the project is setup for success.  


Implementing the right technology from the right vendor could make or break your organization. Cascadia has a broad range of tools to ensure the decision you make meets your short term needs and long-term goals. Starting with the software requirements and future state vision for your operations, we also ensure the software’s platform, development roadmap, security protocols and customer support will meet your needs, and not expose you to risk. A review of the vendor, its competitors and its market will provide insight into whether they will be around as long as you need them to be. 

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Choosing the right technology to meet your goals is the first step on the implementation journey. Vendors are incented to meet the terms of their contract, while your operating staff is often consumed by their day-to-day responsibilities. Our business transformation teams work with your organization to minimize day-to-day disruptions and deliver projects that are not just on budget and on time, but also on target.

Project management, vendor management, process design and change management; this is where Cascadia will ensure your project achieves its purpose. Don’t settle for what is easiest for the vendor, you might only get one chance to implement and roll-out successfully.


Realizing the benefits of new technology is never a guarantee, not even when the project is flawlessly implemented. Benefits from projects are driven by the users, not by the technology, and often require communication, feedback and adjustments. Cascadia will work with your team to identify the measurable benefits of the project, develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the communication plan, and the benefits realization strategy. KPIs can include cost benefits, time benefits, service level benefits, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and others. Ensuring these benefits are measured and communicated to stakeholders is the first step, but creating actions from the KPIs is how benefits are realized. Cascadia works with staff to understand how their actions enable the benefits, and works with managers to understand KPI dashboards and identify improvement opportunities for their teams. 

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